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We often hear that technological advances are stealing our jobs. Not at Tiny Toez. With the help of eyLog (ey is short for early years), we are now freeing up our staff’s time so they can focus even more on your child.

You are just a touchscreen away from your child

You probably know that early years daycare is one of the most heavily regulated sectors in the UK – and rightly so, for the children’s health, safety and development are beyond value.


But practitioners have to keep time-consuming records for the children’s learning journey – and that’s just a tiny part of their paperwork. Enter eyLog, a computer program that’s used on a tablet computer thats linked with our main computer. It’s quick and easy to use – our computer-savvy staff can access your child’s profile, for example and chart their progress instantly. They love it.

How does it help you? Our team can spend more quality time with your child – and less time on paperwork.

Genuine two-way communication

What’s more, wherever you are, you can have instant online access to your key person’s observations on your child, maybe even a photo, video or audio clip. This means you are just a touchscreen away from your child. Genuine two-way communication wherever you and your smartphone might be!

It also means that, if you need to contact the nursery urgently, there’s no hassle with the phone being engaged or your keyperson being in another room. You can make instant contact to everyone’s benefit.

How’s that for peace of mind?

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