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Our play equipment

You will find our rooms for the different age groups are very well resourced. You will see many traditional toys like sets of Noah’s ark or farmyards for small-world play, Lego, a home corner with its little kitchen, bookshelves packed with brightly coloured board books and picture books, trays of sand and water. And much more.

Our children have fun while they are learning

You will also see DVDs, talking books and postcards for children learning English is an additional language, and a range of electronic and computerised toys.

Some have a clear educational bias – smart boards with inbuilt programmes preparing them for reading and maths. But others like remote-controlled cars are pure fun.

Our skilled practitioners

There are plenty of opportunities for child-led play, and our nurseries are mainly free flow, which means the children can run from one play area to another or, in many cases, straight outside into a secure area, as the mood takes them.

Our practitioners are there all the time, ensuring they’re safe, and ready with suggestions or questions to stimulate further play.

They also lead play activities, based on themes, involving all the children in the same age group over a period of weeks. This could be life on a farm. That might include storytime, painting and clay-modelling, songs and counting games (Think of Old Macdonald Had a Farm). They might also sow seeds and transplant the seedlings in their veggie patches. It could come to a grand finale with a trip to a city farm.

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