Children in Need at the Tiny Toez nursery at Westfield Children’s Centre, Buccleuch Road, Normacot. Chilidren and staff were dressing as super heroes and travelling to Longton d to collect donations for Children in Need Quote from Nursery Nurse Heather Hird is the kids have been taking part in a week long fun project and today as part of the project we are getting the bus into Longton Town Centre dredssed as superheroes colledcting for Children In Need. The kids are loving this activity and arer excited about getting the bus, and are looking forward to raising lots of money. Pictured left to right are Nujrsery Nurses Heather Hird, Zarina Wijemanne and Becky Butler with left to right pupils Mason Richards 3 yrs, Rizwaan Hussain 3 yrs and Charlie Edge 3 yrs.


Also appearing in the Sentinel………………..

These Superheroes are ready for action!

Throughout the Tiny Toez Group staff and children have been working hard on many different  fundraising activities for Children in Need.

A special Thank You to parents who provided some amazing outfits ……. sorry too many show!

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