Tiny Toez @ East Valley Sensory Room

Tiny Toez @ East Valley Sensory Room

Tiny Toez @ East Valley Sensory Room

Here at Tiny Toez @ East Valley we recognise the importance of wellbeing and this is why we have decided to take on a new project to develop a Sensory Room which was once used as a storage room.
This room is a work in progress and the aim is to provide a therapeutic space with a variety of equipment that provides appropriate stimulation for children who find it difficult to self-regulate their emotions.
This space will help children improve their visual, auditory and tactile processing, as well as fine and gross motor skills.
We also plan to use this space to support staff mental well-being, creating a calm and relaxing space for staff to use during their break times to bring a sense of calm and great mindfulness.

Tiny Toez @ East Staffs – Stay and Chat

We recently held a Stay and Chat session with parents to discuss their child’s progress.
We received some lovely feedback and are so pleased that parents feel happy with our service.
Below is some of the lovely feedback.

“We love how our child has grown into a happy outgoing child. We love that she has settled in so quickly, this is down to you guys, so thank you so much”
“My child has picked up lots of new words and is enjoying himself at nursery. I am happy with his progression. The staff always keeps me up to date with his food intake and how he has been”
“I am happy with his progress, and happy to hear he is doing well at nursery. He loves his teacher a lot, and that is what is keeping him going. I am glad we had the chat it makes us feel there is communication between us and the nursery”
“The place is amazing and well equipped for little ones. I was so excited to find out my child has so many areas of play in the nursery. I really enjoyed speaking with my daughter’s key person; she is very respectful, kind and patient. Thank you for providing a friendly atmosphere for my daughter where she can learn and grow”

Tiny Toez @ Lords and Ladies – Celebrating Autumn and Harvest

Tiny Toez @ Lords and Ladies have been celebrating Autumn and Harvest this month with the Children in the Preschool Room. We have received donations to take to our local food bank. Thank you to all those that sent in items.

The Children have done apple printing, focused on the book Handa’s surprise and also watched a video all about Harvest.