3-5 Year Olds

The early years curriculum

Such progress!

By now, guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), our practitioners will have helped your child to develop as a person and a learner. Three and four-year-olds can concentrate for longer, start to see links between things, guess how a story might end – and discuss it. They will even be starting to understand that other people have feelings.

At nursery, the four specific areas of learning will have more weight:


You will see more impressive achievements from your child as they get older. They will be more alert to the world around them – be ready for photos of tadpoles and so on from their nature projects, for example. You should also see a real difference in their artwork.

Ready for school

This learning takes place everywhere in the nursery, including – especially – in our gardens, which have plenty of challenges for pre-schoolers with everything from wild areas with treehouses and two-storey playhouses to designated lanes for energetic cyclists. Your child might be actually growing vegetables and flowers, ‘almost’ reading books or doing some cooking – and taking photos of their achievements.

All the time, your key person will be continuing to make observations and recording in your child’s learning journey document. And we hope that you too will be sending your observations, including photos, to us via eyLog so we can introduce more challenging play – and learning.

All this prepares your child for big school, and we also work closely with local schools to make the transition to more formal education easier. We not only arrange visits, but teachers come in to nursery to meet the children, and we make sure we have samples of school uniform and so on.

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