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Learning by doing

All children learn by doing – by playing. And this is the most effective way of learning. Just think how difficult it is for us as adults to learn a language so well we can think in it. But, by the time they’re five, most children will have learnt not just our language, but a whole range of complex skills.

Nurseries are designed to encourage early learning


So, early learning is highly effective. And nurseries are designed to encourage much more of that kind of learning than most of us could set up at home. Our staff too are trained to enable your child to learn by doing and playing.

Early Years Pupil Premium

In April 2015 the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) was introduced. EYPP is additional funding for early year’s settings to improve the education they provide for disadvantaged 3 & 4 year olds where families meet a certain criteria.

All Tiny Toez settings make our disadvantaged children a priority; it is our responsibility to identify eligible children within our nurseries and support parents & carers in their child’s education. We are passionate about using this extra funding to close the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers. We create specific plans with the parents on ways we can support their child’s learning and development together. The EYPP funding can be used on any area of the child’s development that needs extra support, this could be a breakfast club to ensure a child has a good start to their day, oral hygiene time to help them actively take charge of their own self-care and understand. The funding may also be used to purchase equipment they wouldn’t normally have access to at home the options are varied.

What we do know is that this targeted intervention is paramount in helping children achieve their full potential in their first part of their journey through life. All Tiny Toez Nurseries want to give every child the best possible start they could have in their development and learning.

Yours for free

The government thinks this is so important that they make early learning places FREE for all three- and four-year-olds. If that’s your child, then they’re entitled to 15 hours a week during term time. It is also possible, in some cases, to take this allowance in blocks.

If your child is three or four years old, ask your nursery manager for more details.

To find out what tax credits you’re eligible for, ring the Tax Credits Office on 0345 300 3900 or visit their website here

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