Big Toez at Tiny Toez @ Westfield

Big Toez at Tiny Toez @ Westfield


Big Toez at Tiny Toez @ Westfield

Big Toez are exploring the topic Ourselves and all about me with a strong focus around the seven areas of learning, during January they will be recording their individual heights on the height chart located within the room and will be looking at how we grow and develop. We are now contacting families with regards to free funded places within our Big Toez room 9.00am-4.30pm


Bee Active at Tiny Toez @ Westfield

Bee active are visiting the setting twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays and it is so wonderful to see the children’s face of excitement when they arrive.


Valentine’s at Tiny Toez @ Westfield

Teeny Toez are exploring their creative skills and will be popping on their aprons to celebrate Valentine’s Day by baking some yummy treats. Baby Toez will be creating melt in the mouth shortcake hearts for Valentine’s Day with a creative twists using red and pink icing, we can’t wait to get all sticky!