2-3 Year Olds

Keeping Healthy

Really delicious

Many parents tell us their child is faddy – won’t eat this, turns his nose up at that. But we are confident that your little gourmet will enjoy the meals and snacks we provide, even though they are healthy, nutritious meals with hardly any sugar or salt. Why? Because they are delicious. Our staff will vouch for that, as they eat with the children.

Your child will love sitting down for lunch with their friends


We have a four-weekly menu cycle, designed by our operations manager in partnership with our cooks, who follow the Eat Better, Start Better guideline, produced by the Children’s Food Trust. Our menu has also been approved by the nutritionist at our local authority, and it is really tasty.

Portion control is important for your child’s health. So, when the serving dishes are brought to the table, there is just enough and no more for each child. How do we know? We use the Henry portion-control system.

A social occasion

Two and three-year-olds are very sociable, and your child will love sitting down for lunch with their friends. Everyone helps themselves (good for their fine motor skills – and it also means sharing), and, with encouragement from the member of staff eating with them, they will have proper conversations.

Oh, and don’t be surprised to learn that your child drinks water when they’re thirsty. All the food experts recommend this rather than fizzy drinks or even fruit juice (too much sugar and acid for little teeth). And they like it. What could be more civilised? And tasty.

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