0-2 Year Olds

Keeping Healthy

Freshly cooked meals

We will make sure your baby or toddler has plenty to do – even babies need exercise! And exercise stimulates the appetite. At Tiny Toez, that means an appetite for freshly cooked meals and snacks that meet your child’s nutritional needs.

Naturally, your baby will start on breast – or formula milk, but the time will come for solids. Then, we will be weaning your baby on to selected home-cooked foods. And, as your baby gets used to solid food, we shall slowly introduce him or her to the balanced diet that all our under-fives enjoy – and we mean ‘enjoy’.

Home-cooked fresh food designed to meet your toddler’s nutritional needs

Nutritionally sound

We have a four-weekly menu cycle, designed by our operations manager in partnership with our cooks, who follow the guidelines outlined in Eat Better, Start Better, produced by the Children’s Food Trust. Our menu has also been approved by the nutritionist at our local authority, and it is delicious.

Home-cooked fresh food designed to meet your toddler’s nutritional needs and, as Goldilocks said of the third bowl of porridge she tried, it is “just right”. Giving a child too much is as bad as not giving them enough. So, we use the Henry portion-control system. And it’s ‘just right’.

Such civilised mealtimes!

Mealtimes are more than just eating. They are a social occasion. At Tiny Toez, even the smallest children eat together in the company of a Tiny Toez practitioner. They learn to help themselves – often in fistfuls – and they enjoy each other’s company. They learn new words to describe their food: creamy, yummy, crunchy.

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