0-2 Year Olds

Growing and Learning

Learning through play

This is a time of extraordinarily rapid growth and development – one minute you have a tiny, helpless baby, and the next an energetic, chattering toddler. All the time, your child is looking, touching, seeing, playing – learning.

That’s why the national curriculum for under-fives, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), applies just as much to your little baby as to a four-year-old. We will help your baby or toddler to learn through play. That means messy play, rhymes and songs, painting and drawing, board books – even treasure baskets, full of everyday things that will capture your baby’s imagination. All learning experiences.

Child’s play, isn’t it wonderful!

Treasure baskets, full of everyday things that will capture your baby’s imagination

The three prime areas of learning

For this age group, we focus on what matters most in a very young child’s development, what the EYFS calls the three prime areas of learning and development:

All the time the children are playing and learning under our guidance, we will be observing their progress – we call it ‘making observations’. We record these in a document called the learning journey. We would very much like you to become involved in this too, and you can send your observations to your key person, using the latest in early years technology, the eyLog.

By recording your child’s progress and keeping regular records of the different stages reached, we are able to plan further activities – anything from holding a stick to make marks to building bricks – to extend your child’s skills and knowledge.

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