From our front door onwards

You want your child to be safe, and they will be from the moment they walk through the door into any of our nurseries. All our nurseries have secure entry systems, most commonly with a password- or fingerprint-operated keypad. This ensures that only staff and parents or carers can come in – and the children can’t slip out. Everyone else has to ring the bell and be checked by a member of staff.

Safety and training

What’s more, all our staff (with the exception of our apprentices, who are active learners, and one or two special cases) are qualified to at least Level 3 – many have a Level 4 or 5 and a growing number have a degree. But, as your child is important and our practitioners are committed to their work, they all continue training, particularly in key areas affecting your child’s safety and continuing good health:

The importance of ratios

We all know you need eyes in the back of your head when looking after small children. We can’t promise that, but we always aim to exceed the ratios laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the national curriculum for under-fives:

Having a high number of staff protects your child wherever they might be. There is never a chance of your child playing outside unsupervised. It also means that, in some of our nurseries, if anyone falls ill, we rarely employ agency workers. Instead, we aim to ensure your child is always surrounded by familiar faces.


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